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First Nature is an association which promotes self-understanding and transformation through the enjoyable means of liberating body, breath, voice and hearing in the context of developing a compassionate approach to ourselves and the world we move in.

First nature is a body of practices, exercises and understandings drawn from the wisdoms of body, breath and voice which are common to both the performing and contemplative traditions.

We offer 10 month Foundation Training courses. For those interested in finding out more, click here

Central to this approach is the continuum of sound and silence. The five pure vowels are taught with appropriate body, breath and vocal exercises, resulting in us becoming:

energetically more balanced with quieter minds

more able to rest in ourselves and listen from that spaciousness

richer in communication and vibrant vocal expression

altogether healthier, happier human beings

First Nature's founding director Corinne Shirman-Sarti developed this approach during her years as a professional singer and singing teacher -  inspired by what the human voice reveals about us.

The more and more you listen,

the more and more you hear;

the more and more you hear,

the deeper and deeper your understanding becomes

 Dilgo Khyentse Rinpoche